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Rise of the Godhands > Campaign Images

Posted 03 September 2013

The land before the day of the Comet...

The land after the day of the Comet...

Misha, the Winged Elf (As drawn by her player)

Ancient map of the Lost Kingdom - before it fell to ruin and dwindled down to the single city of Mythrazel

Overview map of the City of Mythrazel

The Tome of Day and Night (Because Fire and Ice was already taken...

Rise of the Godhands > Its the end of the world as we know it

Posted 30 August 2013

The group then felt the presence of Moradin come over them, followed by a blessing that would remain with them for the rest of their natural lives. Satisfied that the dwarven mines were now safe, the group moved back up the shaft and then returned home. Upon arriving at the castle, Gwendon sent for the head of the Brothers of Stone and the drow House Drat...

Rise of the Godhands > Kir’Saluth, the Dwarven Pillar of History

Posted 29 August 2013

Over the course of the next two weeks, things began to settle down to a medium simmer. The noble houses began to vie for influence with the new monarchy. Those who were died were either buried or raised from the dead to continue their lives. The Godhands settled down to finish their training and prepare for the assault on the dwarven mines. The Band of th...

Rise of the Godhands > God Call!

Posted 28 August 2013

The Godhands then returned to the castle to plot their next move. First they went to visit the dwarves, where the dwarves pledged to assist them in any way against the Order of the Five Moons. Toll said nothing during the entire exchange, bidding his companions to return to the castle after the meeting was done. There he revealed what his magical helmet h...

Rise of the Godhands > War and the Secret of Enchantment

Posted 27 August 2013

After their battle with Umtarathrx the White, the group settled back at the castle for more study and training. This time they posted sentries to watch the skies and the environment for any new threats. Three days later, the dwarven sentries rushed down to inform the group that droning sound was heard as though a huge swarm of bees were heading for the ci...

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