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#90159 State of the Onion(-Keniggits)

Posted by Albax11 on 10 April 2014 - 08:03 PM

After having a long and rewarding brainstorming session with Danny we have reached a few conclusions about the groups continued goals and some milestones that we would like share with you.

  • Tropis will be priority #1, as it is what we do best and what we enjoy the most. Breaks may still occur and we may do specials and such, but Tropis remains the main focus.
  • Me and Danny have been streamlining the lore to make it easier for him and me to discuss internally and more importantly, to present it to the listeners. This includes a more consistent meta-plot.
  • The self contained stories, as seen in Knights, are a concept that we find works really, really well and it is here to stay. The campaigns will have two concurrent plots, The campaign (ie. Murder at Sturmhalt and The Black Swan) itself focuses on a smaller character-focused plot and the different series (ie. Knights) themselves build an overarching world engrossing plot in the background that tie the campaigns together and lay the foundation for things to come.
    The self-contained style also ensures that even if we do not get to finish telling the larger story, there will at least be closure at the end of every series. 
  • The campaigns focus has always been on the narrative. And me and Danny agree that rules will always come second to the story.
  • After Knights concludes we will be focusing on a prequel series to Knights, this is partially to flesh out some details about the never before explored nation of Dominus. It is also to bring certain past events more in line with the current material and inform new listeners to certain important events of the past.
  • As mentioned by Danny elsewhere on the forum we intend to make short retrospective sessions in which we analyse the sessions (And talk lots of bollocks). This may end up as being a Patrons only bonus.

When/if the state of the groups goals change, I will announce such change here. Probably. Maybe.

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#84989 Pants Campers & Other News

Posted by Albax11 on 09 September 2013 - 05:06 AM

She's doing well enough so far as I know. Jess has always been somewhat private though, so I will respect that by letting her post here if she feels like it.

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#84917 Pants Campers & Other News

Posted by Albax11 on 05 September 2013 - 02:24 PM

Damn. If I am going to show up for that I am going to have to GET FUCKING RIPPED! So I can beat everyone. At Nintendo.

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#84864 Hello. Again.

Posted by Albax11 on 04 September 2013 - 03:57 PM


For those who do not remember me. I was a member of both the Pantsless Gamers and Gate Campers. A task thought impossible my some. But I say Nay! 

Anyways, to completely undermine my previous point. Both groups sort of died down (at least on the podcasting front) until recently when me and Danny started playing World of Tropis again. This in turn was followed shortly by an interest in recording and releasing the sessions once more. When Jessamyn joined us again, much to my own surprise, it was like we had the band back together again.

For those who do remember me. Stay tuned for more insanity.

Don't change any settings on your monitor, it's supposed to be this way.

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