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In Topic: Uncle Ugly's Underground Session 01

09 May 2016 - 06:22 AM

Hurray!  I knew this game would be sufficiently "old-school" when I heard Jon say, "...we'll go by rolling the characteristics then working out the best type of character to play."  :D

In Topic: RuneQuest Session 01

07 May 2016 - 06:13 AM

It's been fun to play. I thought we should play the rules as written to get the full "old school" experience. The strike rank system is often ignored, but I'm glad we're sticking to it. It works well once you get the hang of it.

Feyaldir does have its own gods, I kept it to three. We are about eight sessions in at the moment, and we've just now introduced them. They are Feydalli Frostheart, Albrec the Firekeeper, and Norgrand of the Wild.

I kind of just let the breaks happen where they happen.

In Topic: RuneQuest Session 01

05 May 2016 - 09:34 AM


Runequest 2nd Edition!


We decided to give the old girl a whirl and see if it was as much fun to play as it was in 1980.  Turns out the answer is, “Yes!”

Back in the day, I was in the camp that loved the RQ rules system, but couldn’t ever find an entry point to Glorantha that I could slip in to.  That left me running home-brew settings and making house-rules to make RQ fit my vision of a game world.

Over the years, Glorantha became much more compelling to me.  When the idea of an RQ campaign started surfacing, I thought I would try to have my cake and eat it too, (what does that phrase really mean, anyway?) by plunking down my own setting in Glorantha.

Thus, Feyaldir was born!  It is a sub-continent, of the coast of Fronela in the Neliomi Sea.  In the north, the climate is cold and snowy, in the south it is temperate and forested.  It is inhabited by native human peoples (The Ostari), Mostali, Aldryami, etc.  Orlanthi people attempted a colony on Feyaldir and brought some of their gods and culture with them.

This is a story about a group of young Ostari hunters (and a couple of others), seeking their place in the Snow Hawk clan.  They need to prove themselves by hunting down a bear…a big bear…

The Players
Dan – Uldur Frostbane
Dave – Kahar
Scott – Seamus Nickeldigger
Tony – Tothgar
Bob – Uram
Drew – Elrin
John - GM

In Topic: Next From Thistledown...

11 April 2016 - 09:29 PM

I have it on good authority that our Runequest 2e game is in the pipe and is soon to be ejected onto the listening public. 😀

In Topic: Site Alerts

08 March 2016 - 05:12 PM

Seems we are back fixed and secure with any luck... (again)


I will be releasing content from The Vault over the next few days and then I am going to establish a release schedule so we can avoid these feast or famine moments as much as possible :)


How does that sound?


Hal :hal:


Sounds like sweet, sweet music.  :D

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