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#99067 AD&D 1st Edition: The Lost City

Posted by Skryme on 21 February 2018 - 09:52 PM

Back in 2015, our group rolled up some characters and recorded three sessions of the 1982 classic module, "The Lost City." We stopped mid-adventure, but returned to finish three years later in 2018.  I've put them up on Youtube if you're interested in checking out a classic hack n' slash adventure. :)




Lost in the desert! The only hope for survival lies in a ruined city rising out of the sands. Food, water, and wealth await heroic adventurers inside an ancient pyramid ruled by a strange race of masked beings.Stumbling through the desert, they came upon an ancient city engulfed in sand. A stone pyramid loomed over all.. and within it, a secret door.So begins the adventure of the Lost City.

Here is the link to the Lost City:


This adventure begins a year after the happenings in The Assassin's Knot, following the same characters. If you've found this, you might want to start with that adventure first. 

That link is here:  https://www.youtube....h?v=w-JMFrM-u_E

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#97775 Savage Worlds Sci Fi: Random Acts of Science

Posted by Skryme on 18 January 2016 - 06:05 PM

Hi folks,


Over the past couple of years in between our longer term campaigns, we have been doing a one-off science fiction / space pirates campaign using the Savage Worlds system.  We have about nine now, so I figured it might be worth sharing.



Here's a link to a pure audio archive:





And links to Youtube versions:



(1) Episode 1: Dark Matters

(2) Episode 2: Supermassive Black Moles
(3) Episode 3: Coronal Mass Rejections
(4) Episode 4: Star Dreck
(5) Episode 5: Artificial Levity
(6) Episode 6: Personas Non Gammas
(7) Episode 7: High Energy Particle Defector
(8) Episode 8: Wrong Ascension
(9) Episode 9: Silly String Theory

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