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The Dice Over-Thinker > Why does Odyssey feel real, part three.

Posted 28 June 2014

Today we will be taking a look at how little Odyssey empowers its players, before forming a conclusion and ending this three-part series. Welcome to the conclusion of my three part series on immersion in Profound Decision’s excellent Odyssey LRP. In part one, I described how the game’s 45-hour Time In, combined with environmental factors, helped reinforc...

The Dice Over-Thinker > Why does Odyssey feel real, part two.

Posted 26 June 2014

Today we take a look at social pressure and the influence of game mechanics on player immersion. In yesterday’s blog I discussed how Odyssey’s environment and 45-hour time in helped influence immersion. I also touched on elements of social pressure. In today’s blog I want to expand on the brief mention that idea received yesterday and to […]https://stat...

The Dice Over-Thinker > Why does Odyssey feel real, part one.

Posted 25 June 2014

The first real post on my shiny new blog. I hope you enjoy. Forward: What is Odyssey? Odyssey is a live roleplaying game (LRP) produced by Profound Decisions; A professional LRP company that prides itself on the levels of immersion and interactivity present in their games. Currently Profound Decisions runs two games: Empire and Odyssey. Odyssey is set...

The Dice Over-Thinker > Introduction – The Why

Posted 25 June 2014

A quick introduction to the reasoning behind this blog. People who know me, even in passing, know that I take my gaming very seriously. From fighting alongside my fellow Goons in EVE: Online, to co-writing the melodrama and angst of RPGMP3′s Tropis. To me, roleplaying games offer the potential for deep exploration of the human […]https://stats.wordpress.c...

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