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RPG-Themed novel - No More Heroes

01 August 2013 - 12:25 AM

Many years ago I used to play Dungeons and Dragons at university.

What I remember most vividly about it was the massive contrast between the heroic, powerful, highly-skilled, combat-trained characters we were playing, and the incompetent, strategically-challenged, plan-phobic fools that we, as real people, were.

This of course led to much comedy and laughter as we got ourselves into the most ridiculous situations and had to come up with outrageous plans that you would never see in a classic fantasy story.


This got me thinking.

What would it be like if a real person were actually suddenly dropped into a classic High Fantasy world like Middle Earth or a Dungeons and Dragons campaign?

How would they survive? What would the realities of living there involve? Would modern technology be of any use?

If the worse were to happen, to save themselves, to save their friends… could they kill?


I decided I had to see how this would play out as a story.


After a couple of years and a lengthy commute on the train I have finished and it is now available on Amazon for Kindle:


No More Heroes


Any comments/thoughts are appreciated.

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