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Super-Cool Gaming Table & Miniature Scenery

10 October 2016 - 07:58 AM






A really amazing D&D/Pathfinder table. I can’t fathom how long this took to make. I would love to play a game on this!

(Click the link to see even more cool photos.) :)

Interviews: Chris Hussy, John Goodenough, John Wick, Shanna Germain, Grant Howitt, Mont...

08 September 2016 - 07:30 AM


51. One Year Anniversary

This episode is the one year anniversary of Talking TableTop and it features extra “after hours” interviews from past co-hosts of the show. In this episode we hear from Chirs Hussy, John Goodenough, John Wick, Shanna Germain, Grant Howitt, and Monte Cook.

Leeloo Dallas, Multi-Class!

01 June 2016 - 08:10 AM

How would you go about multi-classing in 5E? Haven't read the books, but based on second-evidence from assorted AP podcasts, it seems as though there aren't official standard rules for it. For example, The Adventure Zone recently had one of their players multi-class as a Fighter/Rogue, or "Rough Boy", as they've deciced to name it.*

So, if you were the DM of a 5E campaign where one (or more) of the players wanted to play a multi-class character, how would you handle that situation? Alternatively, if your favorite non-D&D tabletop RPG uses a class-based system, but lacks multi-class rules, what house rules would you use to fix that? Finally, the most important question: what cool name do you use for multi-class classes, other than the [Noun]/[Noun]/[Noun] template?


*This is not, strictly speaking, entirely true. The correct spelling of the official name for the TAZcast Fighter/Rogue multi-class build is, of course, "Ruf Boi".

Mor'kil the Scrap-Booking Half-Orc

01 June 2016 - 08:07 AM

Gilbert (AKA Mor'kil, of Carrion Crown fame) has written a neat article with a detailed set of instructions for making your own adventure journal:

Half the fun of rolling dice with your friends is keeping organized notes, right? RIGHT?!

And if you’re the DM, you have no choice but to write down every nuance of every NPC you’ve ever created, because without fail, your druid gnome is ALWAYS going to ask you about that one guy, in that one tavern, who made NO difference to any aspect of the story. We all know you’d rather smite that forest-dwelling hippie with a well placed tarasque tail than answer his insipid question, but being the fair and loving overlord you are, you flip through your trusty compendium of knowledge and reply with a hearty,

“His dog’s name is Mr. Woofers.”

Faced with this inevitable struggle, why not have a cool, new notebook for every adventure?


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