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#98805 So many coming Back! This must be a "Home"

Posted by Pencil-Monkey on 15 March 2017 - 09:20 AM

BTW, it was interesting to hear that those dinosaur traps consisted of cages made of "boobam". It can't have been easy to turn tuned bongo drums into velociraptor traps, but if the PCs just stumbled onto the set of a Hollywood movie studio, it probably makes some kind of sense. ;)

Nice comics. I think I'd better get round to watching Battle of the 5 Armies before it leaves Netflix in a couple of days.

Stjepan Sejic has also worked on several published RPG-related comic books, like Rat Queens and the Pathfinder Origins series, doing covers for the Seoni and Merisiel issues etc.
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#98802 So many coming Back! This must be a "Home"

Posted by Pencil-Monkey on 11 March 2017 - 05:04 AM

Regarding your discussion in episode 186, about possible names for your adventuring party - when Nikki returns, she'll probably suggest "Argante & the Argantettes". :) Come to think of it, you've got three PCs whose names start with a syllable that rhymes with 'Oh!' (Rho-gar, Cro-thu, Bo-nesteele), as well as Argante the mandolin-toting poet, and Cuddy, who, uh... mows through the foes with his Taekwon-Do, delivering K.O.s - so maybe you should name the team "The O-Faces". :P

Speaking of names, it was a good thing you called that Goliath guardsman Cpt. Nanep, and not Colonel Sanders Sandstone; otherwise, the players might have been able to guess that you were about to ambush them with a triple serving of Kentucky Petrified Chicken. (And yes, in case you're wondering, that's a Nodwick joke.) ;)
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#98786 So many coming Back! This must be a "Home"

Posted by Pencil-Monkey on 01 March 2017 - 09:54 AM

Re: BlindGeek's question at the end of episode 185, where he wondered whether "Here, here!" or "Hear, hear!" is the correct phrase - Nikki was right, it's the latter. It's derived from "Hear him! Hear him!", and apparently arose in the British Parliament, because they usually ban applause in those settings, so people invented an alternative.

There's also an amusing anecdote about the phrase:

During one of his many famous speeches in the House Sheridan became aware of one M.P. who insisted on muttering his agreement whenever Sheridan paused. After a while this interruption became so distracting that he departed from his text to silence the fool.

'Where, oh where, shall we find a more foolish knave or a more knavish fool than this?' he asked the packed house.

'Hear, hear!' said the lone voice for the last time.

Speaking of Nikki, she should be careful about showing her new Super-mandolin to strangers - she might end up with an envious enemy, like the infamous Lex Luthier. ;)

Management reserves the right to punch you dead in the face if you make a joke with the word "smelt" in it.

But how can you be sure that the sign is genuine, and not a forge-ery? That's just the sort of thing that crooks anvil-lains would do. :P
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#98707 Papers and Paychecks!

Posted by Pencil-Monkey on 14 December 2016 - 08:11 AM

"Papers & Paychecks" of course comes from the classic cartoon by Will McLean in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide from 1979.  It features a group of fantasy characters speculating that they are in "workers and students in an industrialized and technological society".


Multi-classed cleric/rules lawyer (Will McLean, The Dragon No 22, TSR, Feb 1979).

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#98666 Greyhawk Guild Wars Session 03

Posted by Pencil-Monkey on 23 November 2016 - 10:02 AM

Well, that was quite a fun plot twist! :)


NPC Cart Driver: You all know me - I'm The Driver.

If that NPC had introduced himself as "The Transporter", we might suspect he was being played by Jason Statham. ;)
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#98665 Greyhawk Guild Wars Session 02

Posted by Pencil-Monkey on 23 November 2016 - 09:59 AM

Speaking of St. Cuthbert, which of the three major orders within the Cuthbertine faith has Leroy joined? The Chapeaux (who wear crumpled hats, and try to convert people to the faith), the Stars (who wear dark green robes with a starburst holy symbol of copper/gold/platinum, depending on their status; seek to enforce doctrinal purity among those already dedicated to the saint), or the Billets (who dress in simple brown and russet garments, and wear a holy symbol of an oaken or bronzewood billet club; the most numerous of Saint Cuthbert's clergy, ministers and protectors of the faithful, well-beloved by the common folk - much like Leroy suddenly became super popular with the peasants, come to think of it)?

Assuming that Leroy is part of the Billet, he could get plenty of grief from the Chapeaux, if and when he encounters them.

On the other hand, if Leroy's a member of the Stars, he's probably gonna have some fun "discussions" with the psionic in the party, since the Stars are apparently okay with "using mind-reading magic in order to ensure that even the private thoughts of their flock are pure".
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#98614 Greyhawk Guild Wars Session 02

Posted by Pencil-Monkey on 03 November 2016 - 07:41 AM

Gotta say, the two guys playing Moji the dwarf and the psionic (Dave and Sean, right?) are strongly reminding me of David and Chris from the Long Tall Texans group that Hal and Lindsay used to play with - in a good way! :) Moji's antics just seem to keep getting sillier and more off-the-cuff, while the psionic often ends up bellowing in frustrated remonstration at the other PCs (especially Moji). That "streaking dwarf" incident at the end of this episode was particularly classic - Moji should just be happy that he didn't have to stay in jail long enough that he needed to take a shower in there... Although dwarves probably don't have to bend down that far to pick up the soap. ;)

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#98597 Greyhawk Guild Wars Session 02

Posted by Pencil-Monkey on 25 October 2016 - 06:15 AM

What were those dogs eating, anyway?

Sean: Aww, they were sipping from the same cup!
David O.: Oh, they were doing a lot more than that!
Sean: They like to go to the "Two Cups, One Girl"... No, wait! It's [/i]"Two Girls, One Cup"[/i].
David O.: You know, a dog would not have been freaked out by that.
Sean: You know it's really chocolate soft serve - it's just what they do with it...
Tory: I've never seen the video. I know the reference, but that's something I could never unsee.
Dave C.: You ever seen "Three Guys, One Hammer"?
Tory: No! There's also "Two Guys, One Horse", I could never unsee that again
DM Cob37: You ever seen "Seven People, Dungeons & Dragons"? I watch it, all the time... :rolleyes:

Bravo, sir! :D A stalwart attempt at dragging the players away from their favorite topics and back to the supposed game, through a spur-of-the-moment segue. ;)

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#98584 Greyhawk Guild Wars Session 01

Posted by Pencil-Monkey on 22 October 2016 - 02:49 AM

Re: the lodestone material component needed for Leeroy's Locate Object spell - it's an amusing in-character decision to have him recklessly use the whole thing in one go, rather than breaking smaller pieces off, but ultimately, it's up to DM discretion whether it's re-usable. Not sure if 2nd ed. AD&D rules (IIRC, that's what you guys are using) used the same terminology, but in 3E and 3.5, there was a difference between material components, which were consumed by the spell, and "foci", which could be used over and over again, e.g. cleric and druid characters each had a divine focus (holy symbols for the former, random leaves and garden clippings for the latter).

Also noticed that you keep using yourself as a reference when describing NPCs ("one of the bandits has a Van Dyke beard, like I have", and "the crusty old alchemist has a receding hairline, like mine"). Just for fun, you could try throwing in slightly more... unusual descriptions (e.g. "the Beholder has thirty-seven glaring yellow eyes, just like me", or "the Displacer Beast has a pair of spike-studded tentacles sprouting from its shoulder blades, slightly shorter than mine"), to see if you can confuse your players and/or lure some of the podcast listeners into checking the YouTube video feed, to find out what you really look like. ;)
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#98571 So many coming Back! This must be a "Home"

Posted by Pencil-Monkey on 17 October 2016 - 06:18 AM

OtyughTalk: What two genres would you like to see in a genre-mash game?
Anim5: I would like to see a mash up of the "Ghostbusters" style game - and reality TV... as broadcast in the afterlife to a viewer base of... well... the dead. A game like that would have NPC's being the ghost hunters and the Players as ghosts who have to keep them from getting anything like definitive proof... (Damaging equipment, draining batteries, causing fainting spells etc.) and running away from The Cameras of the living. :D

InSpectres is already a mash-up of Ghostbusters and reality TV, so @Lockhart could probably run a game like that with one arm tied behind his back. :) Since @anim5 is already used to gaming via Skype, maybe he'd be interested in playing a one-shot with Lockhart, Hal, Thing, Heather, Lindsay, and whoever else could be persuaded to join? :D
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#98563 D&D 12 Days of Christmas

Posted by Pencil-Monkey on 12 October 2016 - 08:32 AM

I remember when we used to have filk being made around here - where did our entertainers go? :)

Now did you hear the Gutter Skypes?
They say they're not those geeky types
But I can see their laptops still alight
They're gaming into the night

There's too many nerds
Too many players
Making too many monks, dude
And not much XP goes 'round
Can't you see
They're playing D&D 5E

(And yes, their latest episode, #175, contained an extensive selection of Land of Confusion quotes.) :)
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#98537 World of Skell Youtube Live Stream Thursdays 4pm CT - 9pm CT

Posted by Pencil-Monkey on 06 October 2016 - 06:44 AM

I finally hooked up the audio recorder to the computer so the live webcast should sound great. The game resumes Thursday, October 6. 5pm - 9pm central time.

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#98524 (Begging On Our Knees For) A New Rolemaster Campaign

Posted by Pencil-Monkey on 26 September 2016 - 06:15 AM

Years ago I decided to become a patron purely because of the wonderful sessions of Rolemaster. Recently I stumbled back into the site and have been listening through a fair amount of the audio. Rolemaster as been getting another listen through and I have been chewing through Shattered Star as well. Because of my love of these sessions I decided to become a patron once more. I just wanted to say that as much as I'd love to play in a Rolemaster game one day(finding a willing group seems moderately difficult), I would thoroughly enjoy hearing Hal and the gang dive back into it.

Happy birthday, @Xonel! :) Let's hope all your birthday wishes come true. ;)

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#98521 Greetings from Britain! (an island off the coast of France)

Posted by Pencil-Monkey on 24 September 2016 - 01:09 AM

A longish-time listener - I started listening to the Yorkton Gamer Guild's Jade Regent podcasts in September - I've only just signed up for an account here, and became a patron because I intend to keep on listening for a long time to come... so had probably better pay something to offset the load on the server from all those downloads!

Happy 1-year anniversary as a Yorkton Gamer fan (and all-round RPGMP3 listener), @JamieMcCrimmon! :)
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#98480 The OOTAK Blog

Posted by Pencil-Monkey on 07 September 2016 - 07:55 AM

Kirk is from Jayson's other game group. We don't talk about them if we can help it. He knows we're recording and doesn't seem to mind. We're printing up a waiver and I'm sure I can get something close to his signature on it, whether he writes it or not. He is part of another audio thingee - https://twitter.com/SideShowLounge. I don't think he'll mind the plug here.

Yeah, that's sounds like OOTAKu-style commentary. ;)
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