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#98594 So many coming Back! This must be a "Home"

Posted by anim5 on 24 October 2016 - 10:06 AM

Good GODS! This is a Gold Mine for Pencil Monkey Listener feedback! I won't cut flowers out of someone else's yard though, so I can't respond to Such a wealth of material when we next record Gutter Skypes. Could you send a variation of the above in an email? But Thank YOU! for the Info and Link re: the Horta Costume.




I would be Over-Joyed if this home-brew turned into a Discworld RPG.

I think for now though it's just going to proceed as a Text-book example of "New DM runs like a toddler toward the bone saws and flame throwers." :D



Edit: sorry. . . the bat sh*t saleman is named Jelik. ( " I'm a dime-a-Dozen Jelik! A Dime-a-Dozen and so are you! " )

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#98574 So many coming Back! This must be a "Home"

Posted by anim5 on 17 October 2016 - 07:19 AM

"Since @anim5 is already used to gaming via Skype, maybe he'd be interested in playing a one-shot with Lockhart, Hal, Thing, Heather, Lindsay, and whoever else could be persuaded to join? :D"


Just select a date and time and I'd be thrilled and honored to game with such exceptionally cool folks! ( Also for the experience of finding out how it feels to play a "One-Shot". We seldom seem to manage it

 without outside assistance on The Gutter Skypes.)

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#98569 D&D 12 Days of Christmas

Posted by anim5 on 16 October 2016 - 08:01 AM

We're playing "something".

I can only HOPE it bears a resemblance to D&D 5e.


I have to Thank you Heartily Pencil Monkey!

Your recent Tweets and entries here reminded me once again

that I belong to forums I should  read and participate in. And . . . .

You helped me discover that Hal Himself responded to a PM I sent

A Year and a Month Ago. [[ He responded to it rather promptly. I'm the one that missed it for over a Year. >_< ]]


Thanks MUCH for the filk! :D

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#97149 This was the High Point of My Week

Posted by anim5 on 27 September 2015 - 11:03 AM


'Can't help geek'n out and runnin' around tellin' everybody about it, and leaving  "g" off everythin'




( AntiPills is mine.) here' the full scoop on that one bottle:




Also . . Hal? . .Lindsay? . . .If there's a mailing address you use to get gifts or donations,

please let me know. After at least a DECADE of listening to your 100's of hours of FREE RPG content . . I MUST send one

of these to YOU as well !






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#97088 So many coming Back! This must be a "Home"

Posted by anim5 on 19 September 2015 - 11:40 AM

A member since 2007 and I've got 6 posts?? I only posted 6 times in these forums?:

What kind of SICK, Negligent, Misanthropic, Cold, Murderous, Whiskered "thing" . .am I??


Oh well I'm over it . . . so anyway . . .

 It's a bit of a shock to know that I was busy building scenery back in 2006 while listening

to "World's Largest Dungeon" when it was still a young recording. 0.0


Now enjoying rpgmp3 video of D&D and Starting to wish I'd stuck around here and

added more to the shennanigans.


Maybe I'll do better this time. :)



"The Gutter Skypes"




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