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[New Audio] Lost and Forgotten, a Pathfinder Mini-Campaign

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Posted 01 March 2018 - 10:00 PM

The Sugar Fuelled Gamers have more new audio for you (courtesy of Google Drive as downloadable MP3 files) whilst we continue to wave hopefully and forlornly from our island at RPGMP3. Soon, soon...


Even a simple ocean voyage on Golarion has risks. But who could have expected this? Our heroes awake, cast away on a desert island, with no weapons, armour, supplies, or even food. How did they get here? And where did their ship go? Their last few weeks are a haze of missing memories. They’ll have to find what they’ve lost and forgotten if they hope to survive a desert island filled with cannibals, the restless dead, ancient treasure, greed, and fellow castaways with secrets to kill for…


Link to Audio Downloads
We present Lost and Forgotten, a Pathfinder Adventure Path (run in 3.5 DnD). This is a complete mini-campaign, adapted from the Serpent's Skull AP Book 1, Soul for Smuggler's Shiv. The first book of Serpent's Skull is excellent, but the rest of the Adventure Path has a lot of issues. We took the best one and adapted it into a self-contained mini-campaign, changing the plot around as needed to make the first adventure book a complete story - emphasizing some aspects of it, and de-emphasizing others. Our heroes must piece together the mystery of their missing memories, find what they've Lost and Forgotten, and survive the treacherous Soul for Smuggler's Shiv. Hope you enjoy it!


  • Helen as Lydia, Katapeshi streetrat Halfling Rogue
  • Adam as Richard ‘Tiny’ Nicodemus, ex-gladiator Human Fighter
  • Miriam as Zwi, herbalist Gnome Ranger
  • Jared as the GM

Length of Sessions: 2.5 to 3 hours each.


Special Thanks To:

System Matters:

Interested in what’s happening with the system you’re listening to? (If not, stop reading now).

This is a Pathfinder Adventure Path, run with 3.5 rules (because those are the rulebooks we have, primarily, as opposed to anything being particularly wrong with Pathfinder). In this campaign, we wanted to enhance the survivalist feel by adding some rules we wouldn’t use in a regular DnD campaign.

  • Equipment Damage – the jungle environment is harsh on equipment. Each day (and each time they fumble or get critted), our PCs have a 25% chance for each piece of key equipment to become damaged (from masterwork ≥ normal ≥ broken ≥ improvised ≥ destroyed, with increasing penalties.)
  • Morale – On a desert island, keeping up your spirits can be as important as food and water. Many a castaway has died simply from giving up, while those with strong morale fight harder than ever. Each day, those affected must make a DC15 Will save, moving one step up or down on the morale track. Bonuses are applied for finding luxury supplies (like wine), the general stability of the camp, and other such things. Penalties are applied for negative events (like a death, not having a camp, etc).


Episode Synopses
For those of you who like episode synopses, here they are (spoiler tagged for those who prefer to listen blind!)


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