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Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Seven

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Posted 27 February 2017 - 02:22 PM

Our Kickstarter Arc

Congratulations we are through the first weekend and you are officially one of Thunderstone Quest’s early adopters.

Although this is our first Kickstarter we have backed quite a few ourselves and we love the process of introducing a game through this medium. It is like telling an exciting story in three parts.

The Launch Phase: which officially ended this weekend is like a coming out party. Your friends and folks who believe in you and the project from the start (that’s you guys — thanks again!) show up and have a big party get things started.

The Plot Thickens: the middle part of the campaign is all about character and plot development. The pace slows down but we get to listen to our customers and talk about our hopes and expectations for the final push. (More on this below)

The Grand Finale: A race to the finish line with lots of cool items being added to the campaign as it ends.

As We Tell Our Tale

Thunderstone Quest is a card game and most of the Stretch Goals we’ve planned for the campaign add additional cards to the Rewards. Our rough goal is to feature new cards in two-thirds of the Stretch Goals and components and component upgrades in one-third.

  • We’ve achieved 13 card-centric Stretch Goals, which have added approximately 212 additional cards to the Rewards
  • We’ve achieved 2 component-centric Stretch Goals, which have upgraded the tokens and added the first set of plastic figures
  • Our current Stretch Goal as of this Update is written is a component Stretch Goal adding +1 additional plastic figure

In addition to cards and figures there are also lots of board game elements in the product so a number of the stretch goals are focused on adding and upgrading those components.

In the next three weeks the campaign pace will be lower than speed of the Launch and the Finale. During this period important things are happening as we raise awareness and introduce more details about the game rules, mechanics, components, and looks at cards and components. We’re expanding the amount of information available to backers as we move toward the finale. In addition to the daily upward climb from new backers many potential backers will be starting to consider the campaign and some will be clicking “Remind Me” to be notified as the Finale begins.

Our current strategy for the Finale is heavily focused on card Stretch Goals so we may have a slightly different ratio than our target after the next couple of weeks but we think we’ll end the campaign very close to the target ratio once the Stretch Goals in the Finale are revealed and achieved (we hope!).

Even though you may be seeing more component Stretch Goals than card Stretch Goals for a period of this portion of the campaign, we remain committed to adding cards to the Rewards as we progress through the campaign. Many of the backers have expressed a concern about not turning this into a component-centric campaign, and we agree completely.


The thing about working at a game company is that if you are not careful the work part of making games can become your focus and sometimes you can forget to have fun. AEG is dedicated to having fun so we are always watching for ways to make what we do fun for us and fun for our customers.

For us the highlight from last week was the comments from fans about the Meeple story and The +1 votes to save the Yellow Meeple on the Forums. It made us laugh and was a ton of bonus fun for us. We’ve adopted Yellow as our campaign mascot!

We are not done with the Yellow Meeple. You’ll see a lot more about him as the campaign unfolds and we’re watching to see how the community takes the fun of this and runs with it as well.

As an added bonus our team is going to be scouring the internet for sightings or stories about the yellow Meeple and we will randomly be giving AEG games to some of you out there having fun, entertaining us, and as a small bonus helping spread the word about Thunderstone Quest and how much fun the campaign is.

Thank you again for early adopting. We hope to give you and exciting and enjoyable campaign as an early adopter of our baby.

— John Zinser

CEO, Alderac Entertainment Group

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