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Question About The New Forums

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#1 Twyst



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Posted 19 July 2013 - 02:47 AM

Maybe I'm just overlooking it. Is there some indication inside of a thread of which posts I've already viewed?


For example, let's say there is a hypothetical thread on the "merits of role-playing inanimate objects." As you might expect, it becomes a heated debate, especially when someone starts off on a philosophical tangent trying to explain what "inanimate" truly means and how it can be applied to living beings that do nothing other than sit on the couch during gaming sessions without participating yet still managing to scarf down all the Doritos.


I read all the past and current posts in this thread and find it very interesting. I post a reply with my incredibly insightful two cents.


I check the next day to find that I have a few that agree with and admire me, my writing style, my well-honed wit, my highly developed sense of timing and humor and my personal choice of facial hair adornment. Yet there is one troll that actually thinks there is a possibility that I am wrong.


I am incensed and vow not to return to the forums for 48 hours cooling-off time.


But 36 hours in, I get drunk on sissy girlie drinks with little umbrellas and, full of self-loathing, I log onto the forums to check and see if there are any other haters piling on. There are. They have found a bond together in their dislike of me and are forming an anti-fan club with a flag and uniforms and even a club pledge that disparages my ancestry.


I log off with much regret. I cry myself to sleep, same as always, but with more blubbering calls to a maternal figure.


The next day, I cannot remember where I stopped reading, only that I know I don't want to re-read such hurtful comments that broke my spirit the night before. Yet I must read on in the hopes that someone will rise to my defense.


How do I scroll down far enough to get to the new stuff without scanning through what I've already seen? There should be, there must be, a way to look at a post within a thread and immediately see it marked somehow as "read".


As you can probably tell, this is important to me. Thanks for the help. :D

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#2 Telemergion


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Posted 19 July 2013 - 04:09 AM

I honestly don't know the answer to your question but I really enjoyed reading that and just had to comment.

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#3 Hal


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Posted 19 July 2013 - 06:18 AM

OK! I am not certain if there is a method while actually viewing a thread but if you click on the 'View New Content' button in the upper right corner of the site it will take you to a list of threads with posts that you have not yet read, in addition it also has a little button on the left which will take you to the most recent post in a thread that you have not read yet.


There are also other options in there for you to filter the posts and dig out what you want to see.


You can also follow a thread and get updates when people post to it. :)


I have to confess I am still learning the finer details of the forums myself but I am liking how clean and shiny they are right now :)


Hope that helps - if it is still a point of contention I can look into some kind of solution and drop it on the feature request pile...


Awesome post BTW... Keep it up... :P



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