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2005 Christmas Special: A Marvelous Christmas

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#1 Hal


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Posted 13 July 2013 - 11:05 AM

File Name: 2005 Christmas Special: A Marvelous Christmas

File Submitter: Hal

File Submitted: 06 Jul 2013

File Category: Seasonal Games

Genre: Seasonal
Profanity Level: Unmitigated Filth of the First Water

An awesome homebrew Christmas special written by Robin (the GM), set in Victorian times as the party attempt to fight off the monsters around Christmas time

Click here to download this file

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#2 Pencil-Monkey



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Posted 09 December 2013 - 08:53 AM

I have just uploaded this years Christmas Special. It is set in Victorian London and features much drunken revellry and the general violence which seems synonymous with our Christmas Specials. It is run in a system that Robin has designed which seems excellent for one off games :D This will become available shortly I would expect.

A Marvellous Christmas - 2005 Xmas Special

Also, I have not put an annoying jingle through the back of this one (although I was tempted by something by the Cheeky Girls or something). It is also the absolute file and not and M3U so the link about should start a file download and not play the file. I will get an M3U up shortly and drop it in here for those who like to stream :D

Hope you enjoy it ;)

Happy Holidays

So, are you and Robin posting the system anywhere?

And can I say all kudos to Lindsay for putting work above roleplaying. I am in awe of you as I could never do that when I was at uni. 8)

I beleive they will be posting it. Im not sure if RObin has it available in a format ready for posting, but as we are recording ToEE tonight, i shall ask him.

And im as suprised as you re working, but i want a first, so best keep it up....

Cool! best we could do while I was at Swansea was a 2:1 (I... well I passed my degree, but not by much). Did better when I did my masters, mainly cos I had a lecture for 1/2 of the time the rpg soc had it's meeting.

I think I finally got a work ethic somewhere in my mid twenties...

Well, im mid 20's now, so im hoping to develope one soon... :D

I wish I had a bit more of a work ethic back when I was at university. It is a bit odd to me that most of the people I know that program have degrees in other fields, but work in computers and I actually went to University to study computers but never finished my degree program.

I’d thought (from the sessions I’ve participated in) that role-players tended to either Problem solve or get their characters into violent conflicts (usually with the NPC their suppose to talk to) with a light hollow sprinkling of a gesture towards characterization.

But with this Victorian Christmas special I realised I’ve missed out...

The lapse into cliché

Paul’s attempt at The 13th Duke of Wybourne (from the Fast Show, see link below if you don't know this comedy character) was hilarious.


I’d love to hear another game set in the Victorian era.

“With my reputation?"

And was that a French accent from the young lady (I’m not good at guessing accents)?

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#3 Pencil-Monkey



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Posted 09 December 2013 - 08:53 AM

Sorry, if the Paul you're referring to is me. I wasn't in the Christmas Special.


Is it you who sounds like Dave, or Dave who sounds like you?

It must be Dave sounds like me, as I've probably sounded this way longer than he has. ;)

Alas, Paul is older than me and thus I must sound like him I suppose, unless several years ago he heard my voice and thought 'wow', and has thus mimicked me ever since...


He could always have learned of your coming from a gypsy fortune teller and started practicing before you where born, thus casting you as the copy.

Perchance you are both robust fellows and have similar accents for having come from the same "accent area", so to speak? This is just guessing, on my part- but I do wonder.

Don't you think that is a little far fetched when we have gypsies and secret plots to blame?

I mean, come on Shathis.

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#4 Pencil-Monkey



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Posted 09 December 2013 - 08:54 AM

Perhaps, but I prefer the gypsy idea.

I'm from South Lincolnshire. Before we have webbed feet jokes my parents are not from the area but relocated there, from different areas, when they were children.

And was that a French accent from the young lady (I’m not good at guessing accents)?

It was indeed a fantastically good French-Canadian accent, as I believe the lady in question is actually from the area around Quebec - although I'm sure that Kat (the lady in question), Robin, Hal, Lindsay and/or Dave will correct me if I'm wrong :D

Well Kat does claim to be from the area around Quebec, but whilst we are onto the topics of gypsies stealing voices who knows where she is really from?

Gypsies stole the dingo that stole my baby. :D

Some guardian you make! That baby is the only hope for Universe 1!

Time to send out the nuts and gather some braves for the rescue.

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#5 Pencil-Monkey



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Posted 09 December 2013 - 08:54 AM

Any chance of Robin's excellent game system ever getting uploaded to the site as a pdf? It was really good fun. :)

The plot twist near the end, when the items in the players' inventories were suddenly 'transformed', may not have been very surprising, yet very, very entertaining. :D



Although Steve's doll was the best... or the worst, depending on your point of view. :O
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