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#1 DrakeVhett



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Posted 20 March 2012 - 08:00 PM

I do suppose I'm intended to make a topic to introduce myself, though it does feel a bit more egotistical than simply posting a reply in a big, central topic. Though after listening to a few of the recordings around here, it's not such a surprise.

Despite it saying DrakeVhett up in that corner over there, it is really lying, and my name is actually Donald Schepis. It is a wonder that that internet moniker pops up wherever I go. For those of you who speak out-loud as you read, and I would have no idea why you might, you did just manage to say my surname incorrectly(It's Sh-eh-p-is, not sheepis, or whatever you managed to say). Don't worry, everyone does, and I've grown to not let it bother me. Like you grow to ignore bamboo shoots up your fingernails.

Now enough about me, lets talk about you. Or not. It's not your topic is it? You egotistical... right.

Now it may say I signed up months ago(or longer, I can't be bothered to look it up or remember), and my only post was to ask if a technical issue was only affecting me. That's because I'm... well I'm a lot of things, and most are inappropriate to say in mixed company.

Beyond that, I didn't have much (or rather anything at all) to add to such a... well, professional sprang to mind, but you've heard the recording, right? If I go my entire life without hearing another innuendo, well, I'll have stopped listening to the recordings for one thing.

Beyond even that, I was feeling a bit over-extended, and didn't have the time to grace you all with my sterling wit and biting humor. I promise those will show up eventually, but for now all you get is this.

Now for the only thing that tangentially connects me to a forum(about RPG's, not the Roman kind. I would fit much better in a Roman forum due to my savvy political know-how and tendency for back-stabbing. Being half-Italian would normally help with the Language thing, but seeing as how I don't speak a word of it) is a decade or so of Text-based RPGing, and one table-top game played over Skype.

Yep, one. But I do feel superior in that regard, as I managed to squeeze my way into a Canadian group who's age(as in how long the group has been playing) is enough to be my parent. Throw in an amazing GM who's been spoiling his players with in-depth stories, character development up the wazoo, and a blessedly wonderful home-made, predominately D20 system with two decades of refinement in it(which has let it do everything from run a dramatic Zombie game to an action movie-esq, TV series type game, which would happen to be the one I'm in) and I've got a pretty damn good first impression of gaming.

Let's see how long that lasts.

I imagine that once I relocate to Arizona for college I'll find a good game or two(It would be a disgrace if a tech college didn't have at least one). After moving(thanks U.S. Navy) from Naples, Italy(my birthplace), to Krakow, Poland(my mother's birthplace), to Maine, Virginia, Washington(state, not D.C.), Illinois, and Connecticut, I managed to get stuck in Burlington, North Carolina for five years. For those of you who have never been, Burlington is a city that looks great on paper and sucks in real life. For those of you who even live in North Carolina, well, I'm sorry. It really does suck, doesn't it? If you answered "No" to that question, you are lying to yourself. Or coastal North Carolina is much better than central... though I doubt it.

I think I've managed to offend everyone in some paltry way at least. If I haven't feel free to tell me, and I'll try harder. My Polish heritage demands it. Or maybe it's just my rather unusual, and possibly scarring, childhood. Who knows? The psychologists in my basement don't.

Disclaimer: I have never, under any fault of my own, caused the death of a psychologist. I just find it cathartic to bury them in my crawlspace. Or throw them under there and let the mice nibble on them as the case may be.

After that failed attempt at humor I think I might stop talking. Or typing, if you're feeling picky.

Nas do rovia.
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#2 MelkiorWhiteblade


    Lantern Archon

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Posted 21 March 2012 - 09:02 AM

Hello and welcome!

What tabletop game over skype have you played?

And text based, I'm thinking either MUD/MOO/MUSH or a more free form chat room style. Is that right?
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#3 DrakeVhett



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  • Location(Sadly) Burlington, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Posted 21 March 2012 - 01:55 PM

I've been playing a primarily D20 based, home-brewed system. The system is called GWN, or Global Watch Network. In this particular scenario the PC's are a group of various Special Forces Operators and Intelligence Operatives from around the world inducted into an organization called, you guessed it, the Global Watch Network. If you take the organization from Le Femme Nikita (or as the Americans call it, Point of No Return), throw in an eighties movie tone, and some Sci-Fi, you've got the scenario.

As for the text based stuff, it actually amounts to the Forum-based stuff, something which I find to be very underrated. After all, I get to be narrator and player, except when a little kid decides to fake his age and join. Then I get to play detective, find out he's under 13, and kick his little, deceiving, poor-posting... well lets just say it never ends well for them. It's nothing I've ever felt bad for doing, but then I'm a terrible person.
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