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Skynet Is Real!

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#1 Daniel


    Gelatinous Cube

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Posted 12 March 2012 - 12:43 PM

Isn't it annoying when a topic name has nothing to do with the content of it's thread? :P

My computer has died, well, actually it's just rebelled. The sound card has hung itself and I've lost a gig of RAM. The windows install has also corrupted, because lets face it, if you're gonna do something you might as well do it properly.

The good news is I haven't lost any data and I'm currently running on my backup install - Its only 2 years out of date. :D

I have replaced my lost RAM and Sound Card, so I'm good on that front, but until it arrives I'm not really able to edit audio so I'm enjoying a nice break from Tropis.

I hope to be back up and running within the fortnight, but even then things will not be 100% hunky dory until I replace poor old "Serenity 2" which I am hoping to do over the next few weeks (which a budget of £200-ish X_X, so if anybody has 2nd hand parts to sell...! :)

So thats the update, see you all on the flipside!


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#2 errand



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Posted 12 March 2012 - 01:27 PM

Well that sucks. Hopefully the spares will be in soon.
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#3 Pencil-Monkey



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Posted 13 March 2012 - 04:19 AM

Were you keeping gremlins in your desk drawer again? ;) I hope you can get it up and running again soon.
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#4 undecided44



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Posted 13 March 2012 - 10:21 AM

My computer has died, well, actually it's just rebelled. The sound card has hung itself and I've lost a gig of RAM. The windows install has also corrupted, because lets face it, if you're gonna do something you might as well do it properly.

Here's how you do it properly: two weeks ago, Monday morning 8:15 AM, I sit down in my office, and go to turn on my work laptop, which I had been using on Sunday to get a preview of the week's schedule. I press the power button, and the Lenovo x220 flashes it's lights, powers on, then powers itself off (?), then powers on again, and then sits unresponsive with a black panel display (no BIOS, no prompt, no "glow," just nothing). I undock the unit, swap out the power adapter and repeat: it flashes it's lights, and repeats the process exactly as before. Apparently, it had decided that a career of ~35 days (I was issued this PC when I started my new job on 30JAN) was good enough for it, and it was done.

And, I'm sure it was well aware that because I work from home, the closest IT support personnel were, safely, a ~200 mile FedEx trip away, so it had no reason to worry about being pressed into service by my feeble hardware skills any time before it decided it was jolly-well ready. It didn't even feel the need to tell me to piss-off, it just ignored me, happily sitting there, staring off vaguely into the distance without the slightest regard for what I may or may not have needed to be doing at that moment. I'm sure that if it had any capacity to produce sound it would not have chosen to do so, just to cement my awareness of the contempt it had for me.

Well, I showed that miserable pile of secrets, err... circuits: I slapped it in a box (the same box it came to me in, mind you), and sent it on that 200 mile trip to IT so it could be subjected to a right good poking. Only to find out that it was pronounced dead on arrival when unboxed at the main office. Seems that it's dreams of traveling in retirement did not live up to expectations, and faced with the prospect of real hardware folks, it decided death (rather than discretion) was the better part of valor. So I spent a useless couple of days muddling through calls and emails in order to have a replacement of the same make and model shipped out to my door. I'm wondering how long until this one starts getting ideas from stories about its predecessor overheard from the docking station, monitor, and printer.

But seriously, I hope your troubles are resolved by easy (and inexpensive) fixes Illiani. I was lucky enough that my issues were all picked up by the company.
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#5 Isis



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Posted 03 May 2012 - 07:03 AM

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#6 Demetrios



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Posted 02 December 2012 - 07:16 PM

So is Skynet still a thing?

Haven't really heard from Gate Campers and from what I can see and Pantsless Gamers new audio doesn't seem to have any original members so I'm just curious if if you guys are coming back or if anyone's heard any updates. I'm not sure if this information has been posted else where but if so my apologizes I couldn't seem to find it.
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