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Second coming of a noob

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#1 Brisos



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Posted 12 December 2011 - 08:24 PM

Yo! I have listened to the 4e sessions and wanted to move on to a different campaign with the same group. Would this be my best choice? I took a quick glance at WLD but the audio quality kinda turned me off - I have a feeling someone upgraded the hardware at some point.

Also - is James (Nyess) not part of this group? I realize I am probably going backwards, chronologically, by starting with the 4e podcasts - but I thought James was part of the texas group. And this is the TX group isn't it? I recognize (I think!) the other names.

**Oh, quick edit:
Is this the first time for the players in rolemaster? Or did they have previous experience with the system?
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#2 Pencil-Monkey



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Posted 13 December 2011 - 05:00 AM

The Rolemaster game recordings with The Long Tall Texans are great, you should definitely give them a whirl. Other games recorded with the same group include Warhammer: The Thousand Thrones and the Jolly Proper Adventure sessions, a GURPS-based Victorian Apocalyptic splatter game with the unforgettable Snootington! Since it's December, how about a Christmas special? The Texans have recorded a festive spy thriller and something much, much worse, both featuring Hal AKA Smutty Santa.

World's Largest Dungeon was the inaugural recording for the site, so the audio quality may be less sterling than in later games. Also, the WLD crew was based in the UK, so Hal and Lindsay are probably the only voices you'd recognize from the Shadowfell & Thunderspire games (assuming those were the 4e games you referred to, there are quite a few to choose from at this point).

Apparently, there was some drifting in and out of players in the various games. If you listen to the Labour of Love/Tomb of Haggemoth recordings, you'll find a whole bunch of unfamiliar voices, belonging to people who later disappeared from the group.
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#3 Vaeron



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Posted 13 December 2011 - 11:01 PM

James DOES appear, very briefly, in a couple later installments. But David, Lindsay, Chris, Goggles and Ned are all accounted for here (pretty much the 4e group +Chris), so there's plenty of good listening to be had.
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