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Star Wars Game: Looking For Players

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Posted 15 November 2011 - 02:01 PM

I am in the first stages of starting up a Star Wars campaign set eight months before the Mandalorian onslaught into Republic space. More details about the setting are at the bottom. I've gotten three confirmations from my usual group, but three people is a little light for a system than can slaughter an unsuspecting party with just a single scoundrel and a stealth generator. So here I am looking for fresh blood :twisted:

To go into a bit more depth about the game, we'll be playing over skype and will occasionally use a VTT for clarification issues. We'll also probably end up recording it and submitting it to Hal for everyone's enjoyment. I tend to value realism over game mechanics, so I have a lot of house rules that change the flavor of the game, often quite drastically, to be more in-line with the lore. Shields (and everything to do with them) in particular is one area which I have massively reworked to turn something that's mechanically little more than a gimmick, into something that actually both fits the lore and makes both players and NPCs go "Osik."

Two other tidbits of information that are worth noting. First, the game likely won't start until December, due to a multitude of scheduling factors. That means there is likely to be some intermittency among everybody due to busy IRL schedules. The second thing is that I'm able to handle 6 players without too much fuss. That gives me about 3 slots we can fill with people who would like to join. I hate to do it this way, but my limitations as GM mean that those slots will be served on a first come, first served basis (assuming anybody here has any interest at all).

You can reply in this thread, send me a PM, or hit me up on skype (my skype name is also ashiruni) to get in touch with me.

Setting info:
The game will start off on Ammuud ( link ), a planet in the outer rim. This is just a few short months before the Mandalorians begin their assault on the Republic, so for the moment the threat they pose is starting to slacken off a bit while the Mandalorian forces are consolidated. The seven clans of Ammuud had reached a temporary truce until the Mandalorian threat had subsided, but with the external tension easing a bit, the local truce is fraying.

Making matters worse, this border world of the Republic has taken in many thousands of refugees, and several more refugee ships are headed this way. Fringers in particular have made the trek to this world, hoping to find easy prey among the refugee populace, a quick buck bringing in supplies, and/or a place to wait out the Mandalorian assault in relative safety.

Due to the growing civil unrest, the Republic has stationed a garrison, some ten thousand troops, on the planet to keep the peace. Some of the locals tell tales of Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders walking the streets at night, claiming the Republic troops have brought doom to everyone, but most people ignore such outlandish cries. Even without such wild accusations, many of the Ammuud's inhabitants, particularly the natives, are unhappy about the foreigners on their world.

To date, the PCs consist of an exiled Mandalorian Crusader, a wannabe crime-boss, and a tech junkie verpine.

Alright folks, the group is full up.
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