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RoleMaster Crit Tables in d20 systems

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#1 Maliloki



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Posted 13 July 2011 - 10:09 AM

. I've playtested the Patfinder system using the rolemaster crit tables. Brief explanation of how I'm working it is as follows:

Crit severity(note, the lower severity crits only apply if a weapon CAN crit on that number)
15 = A
16 = A
17 = B
18 = C
19 = D
20 = E

Crit multiplier:
x2 = normal weapon dmg and one roll on crit table
x3 = x2 dmg and one roll on crit table, or normal dmg and two rolls on crit table
x4 = x3 dmg and 2 rolls, x2 dmg and 2 rolls, or normal dmg and 3 rolls on crit table

Info in crit tables:
I think I'm testing all references to stun as staggered. Its not quite the same , but I think it'll work.

All negatives need to divided by 5

This ones tricky and there's a site that I'll be stealing the majority of the healing rules from which is : http://sites.google.... ... ect-wombat

I personally will be using option two I think.

Hope someone else finds this as fun to use as my group does
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#2 Maliloki



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Posted 24 July 2011 - 04:40 AM

In playing Pathfinder over the weekend I've decided that in my games, if the crit table says no parry, it gets translated as "You are flat-footed for X rounds"

Seems to work well and my group still enjoys the tables, even though the party almost wiped because of a really bad crit. They had a blast and victory was all the more sweeter for them.

Hope these rules work for someone else's group as well
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