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Starship Miniatures Game

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#1 James



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Posted 19 January 2010 - 09:45 PM

As most of you know I play 40K pretty regular. I have been a miniature gamer for a long time, using various systems.

In November of last year Spartan Games released a game called Firestorm Armada and it is beautiful. Mostly positive reviews and beautiful miniatures have kindled a fire in my chest to play some more starship miniatures games. While I have a large collection of SW: Starship Battles minis I feel quite constrained, and I have been reading up on Classic BattleTech...

So, being the broke SOB that I am, I began trying to figure out how to play spaceship combat using spaceships made from Lego, of which we own a huge amount.

I have began homebrewing a set of rules that let you design your spaceships and fight them. Over time and depending upon your victories your ship and crew improve with experience in combat. There is no specific background so it is totally portable to your favorite universe setting. Any type of miniature or token can be used although, I will be making mine from Lego. No map is needed.

I guess the point is this. Does anyone out there play miniature games and is anyone interested in getting a copy of the rules to playtest and work out the kinks?

Just PM me with an e-mail address and I will send you a copy of the rules when I have finished writing the beta version. It should not take more than a week for me to complete the beta version of the rules.
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#2 James



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Posted 21 January 2010 - 07:07 AM

No one? Really?
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#3 Telemergion


    Lantern Archon

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Posted 21 January 2010 - 10:48 AM

You had me at Legos.

This actually sounds really cool. I dabble in 40k myself (go cheesy Chaos Marines!) and I have a few friends who are actually developing their own version of some tabletop system as well. Theirs deals more with Eurasian countries fighting wars with varying levels of tech, but maybe they'd be interested in adding some space combat to the mix. If nothing else, I love having as large a collection of systems as possible.

I should see if my buddy's willing to share his D&D 4E mod that allows people the ability to create their powers from scratch. We haven't tested it much, but it seems almost balanced.
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#4 Keener


    Is Wonderful!

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Posted 21 January 2010 - 01:17 PM

Very cool James, I never got into miniatures because of all that purchasing but I love Legos. :D
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