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Loonsquad plays..

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#1 ShootHere



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Posted 01 November 2009 - 12:45 AM

After quite a busy while being overwhelmed with work it seems we're back down to normal status and as such I want to just reveal a potential new podcasting project (for the community podcasts) that I might be working on:

Loonsquad plays...

Quick bit of history:

The Loonsquad started out as a World of Warcraft guild around 3 years ago. With people from allover Europe we had quite a nice mix of nationalities.
When WoW managed to do what it seems to do all too often (aka: mess up guilds etc) a lot of the players left for "better things".
But the Loonsquad being close as they are a few stuck together to play other games. Most notably DnD 4e and World of Darkness.
But we also download random trials to games (mostly MMOs) and start playing those for the duration of the trial.

Current project:

With the winter coming up and people spending more time indoors I think we can pick up our DnD 4e sessions again. They had one RL session (full of new players when the Swedish came to visit us) based on the Scales of War campaign. That first dungeon is a HOOT and definitly very good for new players as Keep on the Shadowfell tends to make it harder with the outdoor areas.

One question I have though, with us being allover the place and probably using Ventrilo + Maptools, does anybody have any experience with Ventrilo recordings? As it seems to me that when compared to PnP it the pace is rather slow (which would mean a lot of editting).

Anyways, as soon as I have the setup for the new adventures, we'll do a short player introduction.

I'll keep ya guys updated!

EDIT: You can visit our WoW webpage here. Keep in mind it is *OLD* and definitly not updated.
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#2 ShootHere



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Posted 13 February 2010 - 01:26 AM

Well it has taken us quite a while but we recorded our first session of All Flesh Must Be Eaten.

It was a bit chaotic due to us not knowing the game very well yet.

The raw file is being distributed amongst the members and when we get the jingle done and some editting we will release this pilot to the grand public!

Stay Looned!
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#3 ShootHere



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Posted 14 February 2010 - 09:20 AM

Any tips on where to park the file?
A lot of those "free services" seem overloaded these days.

Then we can share the Loonyness!
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