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Player Characters brief

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Posted 30 June 2009 - 08:18 AM

(strong points are a score of 15 or more on a passave skill check)

Caelynna the female eladrin wizard. Her strong points are arcana history nature perception and religion.

Caelynna's guard, Cael of the Treetops a male elven ranger. His strong points are acrobatica athletics heal nature perception stealth and thievery.

Thornim Tagnor a male dwarven cleric outcast. His strong points are arcana dungeoneering heal insight nature and religion.

Vespin Zorovich the male human paladin or the Raven Queen. His strong points are bluff diplomacy history insight intimidate religion and streetwise.

Erevan the Male eladrin swordmage. His strong points are arcana athletics diplomacy endurance history and insight.

Thorgarr the Male dragonborn paladin of Kord. His strong points are endurance heal intimidate and religion

Rolan the Male elven Ranger. His strong points are acrobatics athletics dungeoneering nature perception stealth and thievery.
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