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What does your username mean?

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#101 carnacius



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Posted 13 May 2012 - 05:09 PM

Well theres really nothing awesome or epic to how my name is. It first started with "carn" then i thought that was just boring and basic so i added more onto it. It then became "Carnacius" which i thought sounded awesome and pretty original and its just been that way every since. I still get called carn every now and then though
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#102 ScaleGraze



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Posted 10 October 2012 - 05:20 PM

Back around 99, I was part of a year-long computer LAN intensive training regime that ran 6-hours per day. This course was called year 9 high school. It was back when Blood, Quake and Doom 2 were the games to play:

Alright, so at the time I had developed the internet/gaming handle 'waywatcher' out of my love of the Tolkien-eske Wood Elf backstory made by GamesWorkshop at the time.

The Problem was that a couple of games didn't allow for a username of more than 8 characters... so I had to develop a new one. I turned to an old classic computer game for some literary assistance, a game called COW (http://en.wikipedia....le_of_the_Winds).
During which, my intrepid adventurer encountered a giant lizard and the description of my attack went something like 'your blow swings wide, grazing the creature'
So... ScaleGraze

Some of the more mathematically minded might have noticed that Waywatcher and ScaleGraze have the same number of characters, however the enthusiasm I felt for the name overpowered this and for a little while I put up with occasionally being ScalGraz until all games started assigning more than an 8 character string for usernames :)
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