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#98728 (Begging On Our Knees For) A New Rolemaster Campaign

Posted by Xonel on 01 January 2017 - 11:55 AM in Roleplaying

Happy birthday, @Xonel! :) Let's hope all your birthday wishes come true. ;)

While I missed your happy birthday message till now, I thank you for it, sir! Just wanted to stop in and mention my thanks for Hal and crew for their effort in posting their gameplay. I've been listening to these recordings since I was in high school. Now I'm prepping to head out of country for work so I'll be without service for a while. Thanks to y'all, I'll have something to listen to and keep me entertained. Thanks, Hal. I know the site is a lot of work but I believe in you guys.

#98421 (Begging On Our Knees For) A New Rolemaster Campaign

Posted by Xonel on 05 August 2016 - 12:48 PM in Roleplaying

Years ago I decided to become a patron purely because of the wonderful sessions of Rolemaster. Recently I stumbled back into the site and have been listening through a fair amount of the audio. Rolemaster as been getting another listen through and I have been chewing through Shattered Star as well. Because of my love of these sessions I decided to become a patron once more. I just wanted to say that as much as I'd love to play in a Rolemaster game one day(finding a willing group seems moderately difficult), I would thoroughly enjoy hearing Hal and the gang dive back into it.

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