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#98814 So many coming Back! This must be a "Home"

Posted by anim5 on 22 March 2017 - 09:01 AM in Introductions

Pencil Monkey . . . . .

ALL of your comments regarding our recent D&D episodes are GOLDEN.

I'm BEGGING you.

PLEASE consider writing us an email so I can read out and share your sense of

humour on the podcast!


I simply can't rip a garden out of Hal's yard and present it as "Gutter Skypes Feedback."

That would just be bad form and poor manners.


( also . . Thank you for listening to the shows and sharing our fun. )


reach us at : anim5@anim5.com if your time permits. Thankies! :)


#98755 So many coming Back! This must be a "Home"

Posted by anim5 on 01 February 2017 - 10:37 AM in Introductions

More SUPERB show feedback that I can't share on the Gutter Skypes Podcast. :( Any possibility I could convince you somehow to write your observations in an Email box as well as these Forums?)

anim5@anim5.com    - or-   animfive@gmail.com

For the good of all who survive Apocalypse World?

#98632 So many coming Back! This must be a "Home"

Posted by anim5 on 07 November 2016 - 09:32 AM in Introductions


an arrangement of five objects with four at the corners of a square or rectangle and the fifth at its center, used for the five on dice or playing cards, and in planting trees.
2. an easily garbled word pair of questionable taste.
Local name for a devastating tree disease that attacks the roots and destroys whole orchards. ( Quincunx avocado orchards were the first to fall.) - From the fascinating "City History of Seepcurse".
* Mildly blinking in sudden awareness as all this speeds by. . . *
There are traditional porn star naming customs? 0.0

#98599 So many coming Back! This must be a "Home"

Posted by anim5 on 25 October 2016 - 12:22 PM in Introductions

I think Monkey lives in a different dimension to the rest of us where he is able to listen to every podcast produced here :D And take extensive notes :P


Hal :hal:


Seriously! 0.0

There's more meticulous annotation and Pop Culture Side Bars up there than I can even BEGIN to respond to!

Pencil Monkey! Is your watch bigger on the inside than on the outside?

Bottom line and sincerest response just has to be, THANK YOU. :) 'Very happy the episodes are entertaining you! :)


#98594 So many coming Back! This must be a "Home"

Posted by anim5 on 24 October 2016 - 10:06 AM in Introductions

Good GODS! This is a Gold Mine for Pencil Monkey Listener feedback! I won't cut flowers out of someone else's yard though, so I can't respond to Such a wealth of material when we next record Gutter Skypes. Could you send a variation of the above in an email? But Thank YOU! for the Info and Link re: the Horta Costume.




I would be Over-Joyed if this home-brew turned into a Discworld RPG.

I think for now though it's just going to proceed as a Text-book example of "New DM runs like a toddler toward the bone saws and flame throwers." :D



Edit: sorry. . . the bat sh*t saleman is named Jelik. ( " I'm a dime-a-Dozen Jelik! A Dime-a-Dozen and so are you! " )

#98574 So many coming Back! This must be a "Home"

Posted by anim5 on 17 October 2016 - 07:19 AM in Introductions

"Since @anim5 is already used to gaming via Skype, maybe he'd be interested in playing a one-shot with Lockhart, Hal, Thing, Heather, Lindsay, and whoever else could be persuaded to join? :D"


Just select a date and time and I'd be thrilled and honored to game with such exceptionally cool folks! ( Also for the experience of finding out how it feels to play a "One-Shot". We seldom seem to manage it

 without outside assistance on The Gutter Skypes.)

#98569 D&D 12 Days of Christmas

Posted by anim5 on 16 October 2016 - 08:01 AM in Fun Stuff

We're playing "something".

I can only HOPE it bears a resemblance to D&D 5e.


I have to Thank you Heartily Pencil Monkey!

Your recent Tweets and entries here reminded me once again

that I belong to forums I should  read and participate in. And . . . .

You helped me discover that Hal Himself responded to a PM I sent

A Year and a Month Ago. [[ He responded to it rather promptly. I'm the one that missed it for over a Year. >_< ]]


Thanks MUCH for the filk! :D

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