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Pathfinder: Ptolus Session 05

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#1 Hal


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Posted 22 June 2011 - 05:58 PM

More Ptolus from Yorkton...

Pathfinder: Ptolus Session 05

Filesize: 121MB

Episode 5: Finding God in an Empty Tankard
The group of newbie delvers finish up their task in the dungeon and head out to find religion, only to end up getting drunk and trying to break into abandoned temples. The next day they deal with another prank from the delver's guild, and head off to check out the meeting with those who organized the attack on Miss Phon.

Carter as the GM
Aimee as Blaze Ingson, Half-elf Rogue/Sorceress
Jack as Chevy the Cavalier, and his trusty mount Cobalt
Brian as Jerry Kryton, Human Oracle
Brad as Gol'moth Fireforge, Dwarven Alchemist
Mandy as Silver, Human Witch

Intro music provided by www.danosongs.com

Community Podcast Updated!

Hal :hal:
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#2 Pencil-Monkey



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Posted 23 June 2011 - 04:24 AM

This episode rather neatly solves the problem of having a somewhat older-looking version of Jerry AKA Blindey in the poster sketches: the old guy in the drawings must be Grandpa Kryton! Y'know, the one who [SPOILERS] before he went and [SPOILERS]? And then the PCs arrived in the Street of a Gazillion Gawds and [SPOILERS] in front of the temple of Pete, the Lesser Gawd of Penis.

[crotchety old guy voice] "Heeeey, sonny! C'mere an' give yer ol' granpa a hug! Whassamatter? Why don'tchu have more knowledge? Harhar! You call that magic? Why, I could piss more magic after drinkin' beer!"

"Throw a masturbating guy in front of him and RUN! ...Didn't you hear that story?"
"No! And I don't think I want to!"

Oh, and any and all British people, Michael Jackson fans, Justin Bieber fans etc. out there should definitely listen to the first three minutes of this recording. You should do so right now. "Carter made us do it, we are reading from his script right now..."

"That's so big, even I can see it."
"First thing you see in 16 years, and it's a giant penis!"
"Actually, I see one of those every morning..."
"Yet you can't get anyone else to touch it."

"I'm going for a hotdog."
"How about a rat-on-a-stick?"
"Eww! I don't want that!"
"Well, why is eating a hotdog any better than a rat, or a snake?"
"The dog is man's best friend, he wants you to be happy... even when you're eating him"
"So: Your best friend wants you to taste him?"
"I am NOT Brian's friend anymore!"
"It's corndog, not corndong!"
"I'm going for a muffin."

The curiously Irish-sounding priest of Ollom is curious viz-a-viz the religious customs of Jerry Kryton's gawd:

Priest "So, what exactly is Nethys the patron deity of?"
Chevy the Halfling "Man-lovin'."
Jerry "Shut up!"
Priest "Man-lovin', eh?"
Jerry (grits teeth) "...Knowledge of how to kill halflings!"
Fabio "Sounds like quite a rainbow-like portfolio: You've got knowledge of killing halflings, man-lovin'..."
Jerry "There is no man-lovin'!"
Chevy "Aren't you glad you asked me to tag along?"
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