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CotCT Banner Ad - Medium Rectangle

yorkton gamers banner curse of the crimson throne



CotCT Banner Ad - Medium Rectangle

Medium rectangle banner ad, based on this Curse of the Crimson Throne picture:


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    Maybe I'm vain, but I think this is a winner.  It's better than the idea I had I think.



    I was thinking of making a caricature of Hal holding a crystal ball that had the logo in it and totally Jim Henson it up.

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    That sounds like a beautiful idea. :D However, considering Hal's characteristic near-monobrow and faible for cheesy accents, I suspect his Muppet self would look a lot like Johnny Fiama. ;)


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    Don't make me find someone who lives near you to send round your house with a sack of slapping Mr Monkey :P


    There banners and stuff are looking rather slick :P

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