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Kas Token

curse of the crimson throne dwarf rogue dwarfs pathfinder

Kas Token

Abused at a young age, then left for dead once coming of age, Kasnas often finds it a bit difficult to truly open up to people. She will work with them, sure, as long as the partnership is beneficial in some way. Being a rogue, she does her best to stay one step ahead of everyone else, just so she can at least see the glint of the knife about to stab her in the back.

Though despite her wiley exterior, she does have a weakness for blonde warrior types. She has no idea why.
She has a phobia of boars/large pigs
She doesn't like eating fish
She is also an expert pick pocket, darts master, with the at most appreciation of daggers and throwing knives.

Kasnas is my baby, I'm so proud of her.

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