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Torgrim And Flower

Torgrim And Flower

Flower (right) and Torgrim (left) are a happily married couple as we start "Carrion Crown."
Flower is a Witch Changeling, with her familiar Balin the Bat. This little lady used to study under Professor Lorrimor and became his assistant for a time before she was sent to handle assignments on her own.
Torgrim is a well adjusted Dwarf who used to be Professor Lorrimor's bodyguard. He's rather jovial, which is a healthy way to deal with his past in my opinion. Warriors who remember how to smile is always reassuring after a horrid ordeal.

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    Well adjusted dwarf - the best sort :)

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    Very nice. :) BTW, have you listened to any of the Carrion Crown recordings on the site, featuring occasional cameos from Lockhart? One of the two player characters, Mor'kil, was definitely... jovial. Yeah, let's go with that. ;)

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