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Big Smile

kasnas gifs screwing around expressions

Big Smile

I made sooo many more than this. I mean. It's Kasnas, she's adorable. I couldn't stop at just one.

So I'll give you links to view at your leisure:

Flirt: http://media.tumblr....gku1rs86ha.gif

"Crap!": http://media.tumblr....GMJp1rs86ha.gif

"Gross!": http://media.tumblr....MLCo1rs86ha.gif

Scared: http://media.tumblr....cByS1rs86ha.gif

Rage: http://media.tumblr....Qh3x1rs86ha.gif

Hallow: http://media.tumblr....IryJ1rs86ha.gif

"Orly?": http://media.tumblr....Wcpz1rs86ha.gif

Shock/Disgust: http://media.tumblr....3y241rs86ha.gif

Sorrow: http://media.tumblr....Dj8p1rs86ha.gif

Pouty: http://media.tumblr....xhSd1rs86ha.gif

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    The Karma button only lets you click once, so unfortunately, you can't get the 11+ this calls for. :-D Just, wowzers! Nice job. *High fives the screen* *Frantically struggles to stop the monitor from falling over*

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    *Whew* Err, looks like the first of the two links in the 'flirt' category is broken. Were they two separate links to the same gif?

    The more complex animations are particularly outstanding, like the "Gross!" one.

    Sorrow: Awww, sad Kasnas is sad! Really like the way you drew the teardrop. If you made a couple extra drawings, where the droplet is gradually making its
    way down her cheek, the animation would look even more fluid.

    Pouty: Isn't it more like an "Ahem" or "Awkward moment" face? Usually, people don't avert their eyes when they're doing a duckface at the camera, do they? ;-)

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    Did you use some sort of online software to make these? Hmm, they're watermarked "GIFPAL", so that's probably a 'yes', then. They're really nice animations, but there are a couple of things that could be fine-tuned: the pictures used aren't exactly the same size and dimensions, so they don't overlap perfectly. That makes the animation look a bit jerky, like the picture is wobbling. It can be difficult to make that kind of fiddly adjustments in an online service like GIFPAL, since they usually just let you grab some images from your harddrive, and compile them directly into a gif file.
    Have you ever used GIMP? It's freeware, and apart from letting you do basic photo or image manipulation in jpeg or png formats, it can also do animated gifs - here's some decent how-to's:


    What program do you use to color your drawings? If you've ever tried Paint Shop or one of its many isotopes, then GIMP is gonna be very familiar.

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    Also: You know that the site lets you upload videos as well, right? ;-) The idea of "Curse of the Crimson Throne: The Movie" is getting steadily more tempting...

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    PM I'm starting to adore you with each and every comment you make! XD


    I have indeed used gimp before, but I moved on to Paint Tool Sai because my hand likes to shake the brush and Sai has a stabilizer programmed in.  ^^'


    But I'll certainly check out these link you've shown me!  Thank you so much for your input.


    Though, now that I think about it. I could probably just do the art in Sai, upload it in GIMP, then animate it.   Then again, I also have Monkey Jam installed, though I haven't figured out how to configure things to view-able content... It's a work in progress I suppose!

    If you'd like to help me with the Crimson Throne "Movie" that'd be so Boss, you don't even know!

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