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Double the Brunsk, Double the Fun

ptolus curse of the crimson throne brunsk crossover



Double the Brunsk, Double the Fun

Front, from left to right:

Kas: "But I bet you've never fought a sewer alligator!"
Gol'moth: "Nah... But we did kill some evil sewer cultists, and their pet shark-gulls, and an octo-bear, and..."

Background, left to right:

Silvia: Posted Image
Silver: "No kidding? You need to drain a lizard to replenish your spells? I get mine by stroking my pussy!"
Brunsk: *Singing* "Vodka is grate, violetski means bloo..."
Ptolus Brunsk: "...Brunsk is de best, at clobberin' yoo!"
Chevy: "Quick! Someone used the 'p'-word! Get over there, mush! Andalé! Giddyup!"
Currs: "For the last time: I'm not a riding dog!" :(

Since Brunsk follows Lockhart into almost every game he plays or GMs, it would be cool to have a competition between the alternate universe Brunsk-atars.
For example, how does the newest Team Brunsk fare against the original?

Curse of the Crimson Throne:

  • Kas, an eccentric dwarf with swarthy skin.
  • Silvia the witch, with her dinosaur familiar and quirky sense of humour.
  • Brunsk 3.0
  • Currs, a kitsune ranger, who can switch his foxy features on and off.
Posted Image

  • Gol'moth, an eccentric dwarf with swarthy skin (mostly from soot and alchemical stains).
  • Silver the witch, with her cat familiar and creepy sense of humour.
  • Brunsk 1.0 [rat catcher].
  • Chevy, a halfling cavalier, who's a total dawg, all the time.
Fairly evenly matched, so far. However, the Ptolus group also stars Blaze (half-elf rogue/sorceress with delusions of being a front line fighter), and Jerry Kryton AKA Blindie,
myopic man-child and oracle of Nethys, the God of Man-Loving. (Jerry: "WHAT? There is no man-loving!")

Through sheer force of numbers, the Ptolusers scrape home a victory.

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    Oh..dear...Gawd! THIS IS GLORIOUS! XD


    Qurrs is so cute and defiant and sooo annoyed. It's precious! :3


    Silvia looks like: o.o Orly?


    and Kaasss! Eee! She loos so bad-ass with that nose hoop! I'm going to have to try drawing her with that in the near future! 


    Omg, Brunsk x2?! Dear Lord XP

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    Glad you liked it. :)

    Wait... The nose hoop is canon, right? You drew it in your own versions of Kas, didn't you?

    *Rushes off to check other pictures*
    *Notices tiny nose ring in Kas' left nostril*

    ...Err, what was that? You like the nose hoop? Um, of course you do! It was totally intentional. Everything's going according to plan. *Cough*

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    * giggle *
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    omg. I love this. xD and tbh I think Silvia's 'lizard' would eat that pussy. ;P

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    XD PAHAhahaha!
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    omg. I love this. xD and tbh I think Silvia's 'lizard' would eat that pussy. ;P

    *Strokes chin* Well, a remark like that couldn't possibly be permitted to slip by without some subtle, refined innuendo. ;) If you are going t-

    "Mmm, vagina-flavored dip! Sometimes it tastes like heaven, sometimes it tastes like fish."

    *Sigh* So much for the elegant approach. :(

    (And yeah, that is a direct quote from one of the Ptolus episodes. It pretty much sets the tone for the whole series, to be honest.)

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