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Monsters! Monsters!

Scene from the excellent Whartstock 2011 session of Tunnels & Trolls: Monsters! Monsters!

The conventions of adventuring are turned upside down as we give the monsters a chance to shine in Ken St. Andre's classic 1976 role-playing game. Bunco Keep is under attack from the combined forces of General Hangnail and Overlord Spleen, but not every monster is a mindless ravening stereotype... just some of them. Quite a few, come to think of it...

Monsters! Monsters! is available as a download on DriveThru RPG or in print from the publisher, Flying Buffalo Inc.

The Players:
Jon: The GM
Amelia: Benny the Shoggoth
Nick: Margot the Lamia
Mark: Jeremy the Dark Elf
and a late appearance from Martin as Shifty Pitflaps the Goblin

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