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Gotta Blood Geas 'Em All!

harold shinken jade regent sweater melons brian the muppet



Gotta Blood Geas 'Em All!

Scene from Jade Regent #27, where Harold Shinken (AKA Brian the Muppet) has finally acquired an awe-inspiring magic item: a magical tetsubo-club called The Bazooka of Blood Geas. This frightful weapon can enthrall the minds of men in unbreakable vows, or reduce them to a gory paste.

Of course, swinging a Huge blunt implement around can do wonders for your luck with the ladies, particularly when the ladies in question are towering Viking vixens.

(Most people would no doubt be tempted to make a 'going clubbing' remark at this point, but the YGGernauts are far too classy for that sort of thing, oh yes.)

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