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Rise of the Godhands

Cave of the Clan Bear

Posted by vhesper, 02 August 2013 - - - - - - · 208 views

The clan followed a general easterly route through the caverns until they entered a large chamber with a giant stone bear in the southeastern corner. The shaman went forward and made gestures and incantations, and the great statue of the bear animated and moved out of the way, opening a passage deeper into the mountain. Beyond this passage lay the sub-cav...

Savage World...

Posted by vhesper, 01 August 2013 - - - - - - · 201 views

They then set out to find if the Lost Kingdom was still civilized, but not before being attacked again by a group of Hobgoblins and Kobolds. This battle left the group tired and battle weary, though they did have assistance from some unknown source.

The group continued through the forest heading west for the rest of the day. As evening approached, th...

Across the world in eighty days...

Posted by vhesper, 31 July 2013 - - - - - - · 607 views

A series of seemingly random events led to a journey of a lifetime. The druidess Acelia and her two guardians Kobort and Misha were assigned to help out with a forest fire far to the east. Having been caught with her finger in the “cookie jar” too many times, Gwendon Asticanti was banished to the east to prevent any further loss of family honor. On a jour...

Dramatis Personae

Posted by vhesper, 31 July 2013 - - - - - - · 150 views

This is a campaign I ran back when Third edition was first released...

Dramatis Personae
Acelia - Female Elven Druid
Balin - Male Human Adept
Dart - Male Elven Monk
Gallandro - Male Human Sorcerer
Gwendon Asticanti - Female Human Rogue
Ilea of the Bear Clan - Female Human Barbarian
Jakkara - Female Drow Rogue
Kobort - Mal...

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