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Overpowered Cantrips

Posted by JCormier, 21 July 2014 · 435 views

A post about fixing some of the cantrips of 5e

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I have some concerns about spell damage, but I don't know if you've listened to the 5e podcasts. The rogues in the group consistently do 2d6+4 damage, every round. The sneak attack damage only increases with level. Given that, what would the point of nerfing wizard cantrips or eliminating the level scaling?

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Simply because they are cantrips. Having the damage that high on a cantrip is ridiculous. They should be the equivalent of weapon damage and weapon damage doesn't get better as you level up. I dropped the damage dice down a step because they were to high with the added effect. If a player wants to deal 1d10 damage at first level consistently, make a fighter.  


If a wizard wants to do more damage, they should have to cast a spell of a higher level. Wizards have lots of options as they level up to deal more damage. A rogue doesn't have that option. Sneak Attack is it.

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