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Posted by JCormier, 06 December 2015 · 0 views

Soooo....my blog kinda went on hiatus because of a new baby and then not really playing any rpgs with any regularity. I recently got a kick in the pant from Alexis over at the Tao of D&D and restarted. Honestly, I wouldn't really bother with any of the old posts, but starting now (especially now that I have a steady group) will be good for those who might enjoy my ramblings.
  • Overview - Basic post about my future plans with the blog. Easily skippable, but figured I'd link it.
  • Fantastic Heroes & Witchery - I talk (poorly) about the system I found that has the bones of everything I want out of D&D, while also having enough crunch for my players to get into.
  • Defense: Take 1 - A "thinking out loud" post as I try to figure out how to emulate character skill at defending herself better. Spoiler alert - it ends poorly, but it kind of shows my thought process.
  • Defense: Take 2 - Another "thinking out loud" post....I'm going to stop calling them that. Just assume that's what they are and I'll call out when I actually planned out what I was going to say ahead of time. :) ANYWAYS...I take another stab at defenses with a much better result than before.
  • Spell List! - Brief, and unintentional, post when I finished going through the 666 spells in FH&W and found the level 1 spells I actually want wizards to be able to use. Unfortunately, I realize now that I have to go back through and reevaluate what spells are White or Black....and once I finish going through all the levels, a handful may bounce between levels until I have a list that represents the world I want to run.
  • Comic Reviews: 12/2/15 - I do some really short, probably bad reviews of the comics I picked up that came out that week...and a couple that didn't.

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Hey JCormier,


Which post did I write that got you up off the mat?

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Criticism and Principles Underlying Relevance the in Comments

I go by Maliloki on most sites.

Restarting is mostly so I can work out my thoughts. I do that better by speaking aloud and/or writing stuff down. If I'm going to write it down anyways, why not post it. Somebody else might find it useful.

Btw, I'll be linking to your site a lot once I start getting into talking about combat. Mostly stole it from you wholesale. Or at least how I understand it. It's been going quite well for the couple sessions I've been using it.
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