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The One Ring II: Don’t Leave the Path Part 4

Posted by pookie, 14 September 2015 · 87 views

middle earth tolkien play from ponape cubicle seven entertainment fantasy the one ring
The One Ring II: Don’t Leave the Path Part 4 It is the year 2946 of the Third Age, some five years after the Battle of the Five Armies. A great weight has been lifted from the peoples of the North and their spirits are no longer bound by the yoke of the beast Smaug and the horrors of Dol Guldur. As the fifth anniversary of the great alliance that threw back the armies of goblins and trolls approaches, there comes word that the byways and highways of wilderland are not yet truly safe. Already the Fellowship has discovered the secrets of the Marsh Bell and the Dwarves, Oin and Balin have been found safe and sound, and been returned to Laketown. Its members have had time to rest, recuperate, and reconsider their time out on the road if not recover from the horrors encountered in the ruins in the marsh…

Now the company has to set out again, accompanying the merchant Baldor and his son, Belgo, through Mirkwood to the Woodland Hall on the Eastern side of the forest. After staying as guests in the halls of Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm, the company has set out along the route west suggested by the Lindar, the master of the king’s cellars, with the advice that the members of the company not stray from the Elf-path nor drink from the Enchanted Stream. Unfortunately, that night, in a moment of distraction, Baldor took a sip from the waters and lost some of his memories before fleeing off the path… Fortunately the Fellowship was able to rescue him from the Castle of Spiders before being chased back to the path by a score of spiders! Yet the journey has proved wearisome and despite finding a ‘port in a storm’ with strange old man, the members of the Fellowship finds itself unable to rest…

So it is that the Fellowship finds itself in a seemingly restful glade, but what lies at the bottom of dark well at its centre? What strange hold has it over Theodard? Will Amroth, Feorfryn, and Gamil surface from their lassitude? And can Brant and Falco stop Belgo falling prey to the thing in the well? Find out in this final part of ‘Don’t Leave the Path’.

The game is The One Ring: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild, published by Cubicle Seven Entertainment. The adventure is 'Don’t Leave the Path' from Tales of Wilderland and as ever, our Lore Master is Dave L, and our cast consists of...

Helen - Amroth, an Elf traveller out of Mirkwood
Mog - Theodard, a Woodman of the Eaves of Mirkwood
Louise - Feorfryn, a Beorning of the lands along the Anduin

[NPC] - Gamil, a Dwarf of the Lonely Mountain
Pookie - Falco Hornblower, a Hobbit of the Shire
Ant - Brant, a Man of Laketown

Attached File  The One Ring II—Don’t Leave the Path Part 4a.mp3 (113.05MB)
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Recorded Monday, September 7th, 2015

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