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Star Wars – Age of Rebellion I: Takeover at Whisper Base Part 1

Posted by pookie, 21 August 2015 · 369 views

fantasy flight games play from ponape star wars age of rebellion
Star Wars – Age of Rebellion I: Takeover at Whisper Base Part 1 The Rebel Alliance has struck and shown the Galactic Empire that it is a force to be reckoned with. Having destroyed the Death Star, the Empire’s ‘ultimate weapon’, Rebel forces have been forced to disperse and regroup. Yet the struggle against the Empire must continue as a Rebel Alliance Special Operations team is sent to infiltrate a vital Imperial listening post...

The setting is the jungle planet of Onderon where the Imperial governor, Moff Dardano, has built a listening to spy upon his rival, Admiral Corlen. The team consists of the Human Ace, Zal Artha; the Human Soldier, Cael of House Hanarist; the Mon Calamari Engineer, Tendaar; and the Duros spy, Vendri DeRalm. The scenario is ‘Takeover at Whisper Base’ from the Star Wars Age of Rebellion Beginner Set, published by Fantasy Flight Games.

This is a taster for the new Star Wars RPG published by Fantasy Flight Games. Dave L is running it to introduce us to the mechanics and to see if it can be run straight out of the box. (In the meantime please forgive us whilst real life and holidays disrupts our regular schedule).

As ever, our GM is Dave L and our cast consists of…

Hugh – Vendri DeRalm, a Duros Spy
Louise – Tendaar, a Mon Calamari Engineer
Mog – Cael of House Hanarist, a Human Soldier
Pookie – Zal Artha, a Human Ace from Chandrila

Attached File  Star Wars – Age of Rebellion I Takeover at Whisper Base Part 1.mp3 (155.83MB)
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Recorded Monday, August 17th, 2015

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